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For decades, J. B. Parks Wholesale Florist, Inc. is proud to have maintained only the finest of rose producers found anywhere. You can be assured of premium quality from all growing regions.

Recently we have had particular success with the RFI brand and have been selected as one of a select few wholesale florists in the Southwest to provide them.

The RFI brand has become a symbol of quality, and a leader in the flower industry.

The ROYAL MAJESTY has been a particularly popular in the red variety.

In one of Ecuador's microclimates, they have found a combination of three natural conditions that allow the most exotic roses to be grown; its climate, latitude, and altitude. These conditions along with our combined knowledge, and qualified personnel have allowed them to produce a product which fulfills the needs of the most demanding markets in the world.

Consistent quality is among their priorities, along with a continuous introduction of new varieties, which in time, helps our customers develop a competitive advantage.

Royal Flowers is concerned not only with supplying a good product, but it also emphasizes an excellent management of our natural resources.

For more information on these special roses, visit their web site at  rfi-logo